Dress Code

We have three options for buying uniforms:

Uniform Purchasing
Many of the articles in the uniform can be purchased at local department/discount stores. If you can find them there feel free to buy them. Please remember we need school uniform style no frills, lace, or emblems.

Thank You for your support in this matter. Hopefully, you will be able to save some money by using the companies we have found. You may also check our school office for used uniforms that have been turned in by parents as their children grow. As always we appreciate your donation of any items you may have that you have no other use for. We can get them in the hands of families that can use them.

Schoolbells @ 6415 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211 – Ph # 1-888-637-3037, or www.schoolbells.com. Our school number there is #2027.
Choice Uniforms
Choice Uniforms is an internet store that has our school’s information. School Code (7547). They already have our plaid and which shirts, skirts, and jumpers will be used, along with great prices on polo shirts, khakis, and cardigan sweaters. You may also buy your winter sweatshirts there, just remind them to have them monogrammed (we will still be selling them from the local shirt shop for the same price). You can order using phone 1-800-482-0675 or www.ChoiceUniforms.com.
Apple Heart
Apple Heart. Their number is 937-866-8212, located at 2240 East Central Ave, Miamisburg, OH. We are not registered with them so you need to be familiar with what our uniform as to guarantee you get all the proper pieces.
French Toast
French Toast. www.frenchtoast.com, use GCS code QS44RX6

Read the specific uniform info here.



Germantown Christian School Uniform Policy

Dress Code

The social standards of our quickly deteriorating society and lax dress codes in public schools create an ever-greater contrast between the high standards of a separated church community and the world at large.

Weak dress and appearance standards tend to undermine the character and strength of a school as well as the students attending that school.

It is also a known fact that academic achievement is closely linked to student grooming and modest dress standards. Since modest uniforms eliminate most discipline problems relating to dress, Germantown Christian Schools requires that top-quality, professionally made uniforms be worn.



Help improve a student’s self-image.
Help promote better discipline and higher academics.
Help prevent careless and inappropriate social behavior.
Eliminate competition in dress between potential social climbers.
Eliminate the daily decision of what to wear.
Reduce annual clothing expenses.
Enhance general school decor.
Standardize and neutralize externals, while enhancing individualization and internal values.
Provide identification and help build school esprit de corps.
Provide a distinct difference — “be not conformed…but be ye transformed….”.
Prevent the distractions of immodest or improper dress.


Discipline Concerning Dress

Teachers and school staff will monitor dress code at all times. Dress code violations will be treated as described in the handbook. The Principal will be ultimately responsible for determining whether a student is properly attired. Parents should be aware of their students dress in order to assist the school in maintaining the uniform policy. Warnings and detentions will be given when students are not in proper uniform. Continued violations will be grounds for parent conference and ultimately dismissal. No student will be permitted in school if not properly dressed.

For questions concerning appropriate dress, bring garment for prior approval. The principal will approve or disapprove its use.

Severe violations of uniform policy will result in the appropriate discipline being administered and the student remaining in the office until a parent is able to bring them appropriate clothing or the parent gives verbal permission for a driving student to drive home.

Read the specific uniform info here.