About Us
training a generation that will make a difference

S059QDGBOGGermantown Christian Schools is in its 34th year of operation. Using the ABeka curriculum, we offer Pre-School through Grade 12.  We believe we are training a generation that will make a difference.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Germantown Christian School is to provide a nurturing environment offering quality education supported by a strong foundation in Christian values. Through partnership with parents, GCS can equip students to become leaders to serve God and to positively impact their communities and the world.

Our emphasis is excellence in academics, discipline and spirit.

Church Affiliation

G.C.S. is a ministry of the Abundant Life Tabernacle, a full Gospel, Pentecostal fellowship of believers. This ministry is enthusiastic in attitude, holiness in heart and life, and purposed to train Christian leadership. Our Pastor, James A. Setser, is ultimately responsible for this ministry. The principal and other staff members at G.C.S.
are employees of Abundant Life Tabernacle. Students and parents are expected to belong to and regularly attend a Bible-believing church.

This is a prerequisite for enrollment of students. All families are required to be faithful church attendees. Faithful is defined as no less than one time per week. Church attendance will be taken every week in each of the classrooms.

Students attending G.C.S. will be exposed to all aspects of Pentecostal doctrine. Each staff member is fully committed to the task of leading his/her students to a salvation experience and personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Philosophy of Christian Education

“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) A child that God formed is complex and composed of spirit, mind, and body. The staff of G.C.S.
desires to train the spirit, mind, and body of each child in the way Christ has designed.

Having Christ as their Savior, the faculty is enabled to find Jesus’
plan for the teaching of children. The Bible is taught to develop the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection Power. Every academic course is taught from a Christian point of view.


Accreditation by a state or regional governmental agency is an administrative mechanism designed to ensure uniform education for all children in secular schools. Accreditation was established as a governmental means for determining whether secular tax-supported schools were meeting minimum academic and faculty standards. The Germantown Christian Schools has not sought accreditation by any governmental agency for several reasons:

  • Germantown Christian Schools will not be bound by state curriculum or teach certification requirements that are often inferior and/or contrary to those of Christian education standards.
  • Germantown Christian Schools believes it is unreasonable for parents to withdraw their children from a government school with its academic and moral ills and place him in a private institution with the same curriculum methods and objectives. To accept the secular school and accrediting criteria as our standard would be to leave no viable alternative to Christian parents.
  • State Accreditation of a Christian school is not necessary for a graduate who wishes to enroll in a college or university. The basic criteria for college admissions are student aptitude and achievement as determined through nationally formed standardized tests.
  • The instructional program of Germantown Christian Schools is designed and implemented to allow its graduates to stand on their own academic achievements and merit.


The primary purpose of Germantown Christian Schools is to train Christian young people to live for Christ. We are not a reform school. All parents must be Christians and be a member of a Bible-believing church. Abundant Life Tabernacle and Germantown Christian Schools has a racially nondiscriminatory policy and, therefore, shall not discriminate against members, applicants, students, and others on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Selection of Students

The priority of student selection for Germantown Christian Schools is as follows:

  • Returning students will be given priority over new student applicants.
  • Germantown Christian Schools wants to be a blessing to our community as well as being an inseparable ministry of Abundant Life Tabernacle. However, if seating availability is in question, potential students of church member families will be given consideration for enrollment above other applicants.